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Cosmetic Dentistry Services in Victoria

teeth close up

Many patients are now opting to whiten their

teeth for a sparkling, vivid impression. Dr.

Cheryl Handley in Victoria offers teeth

whitening to a shade that’s even brighter than

your natural colour. You’ll need to make an

appointment for a bleaching session, but we

can offer consultation on our full range of

dental services to ensure you can be proud of

your smile. 


Veneers are another way Dr. Handley can brighten your smile. If your teeth are broken, uneven or stained, a porcelain veneer, or cover, can be securely affixed to the tooth to change the entire look of your face.

White Fillings

Repairing the cavities in your teeth doesn’t have to mean a mouthful of silver-coloured molars. Dr. Handley can use tooth-coloured dental filling material to restore your chewing surfaces with no discolouration of your teeth at all.

Minor Tooth Straightening

Speaking of changing your look, Dr. Handley can straighten your teeth with orthodontic braces, as well. Make an appointment with our office to get started on your new look today!

Addressed Questions and Concerns

Hadn't been in 12 years. Was very nervous. Had to have a bit of gum tissues cut away. Procedures were well explained, and I felt encouraged that with a little work I could keep my smile for a long time to come. It was busy and they ran about 30 minutes late but it was worth the wait. Dr Handley busy but I felt I could address any staff with any questions. User Apr 6, 2009


Keep Your Smile Bright

Regularly scheduled cleanings are an effective way to fight tooth decay and gum disease.

Removable and Convenient Orthodontics

Clearline is a clear aligner system designed as an alternative to conventional braces.

Start Your Child’s Road to Good Dental Health

Our goal is to make your child’s dental experience a positive one.

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