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Professional Pediatric Dentists in Victoria

child getting tooth care

Dr. Cheryl Handley is an experienced family

dentist serving Victoria and the surrounding

area. A life of good dental health starts early

and our goal is to help patients of all ages

achieve a wonderful smile. Our family

dentistry offers a comprehensive range of

services from cleaning to minor straightening

in a caring and comfortable environment. We

want to make sure each child has a positive

experience at the dental office and we are very proud of our children's program. Ask about our special monthly draw prize for kids in the No Cavity Club!

Why Are Baby Teeth Important?

Baby teeth play an important role in the overall healthy development of children. This includes good nutrition, normal speech patterns, good occlusion bite in adulthood and a healthy self-esteem, courtesy of a beautiful smile.

The First Dental Visit

We recommend you bring your children in around the age of 2 years for a “happy visit,” which may amount to nothing more than a ride in the chair. As a family dentist, our goal is to make your child’s first dental experience a positive one and to:

Aid in making children comfortable with the dental office environment

Aid in early detection of any problems, such as cavities

Give your dental professionals the opportunity to help you make the best oral health decisions for your child

Provide a chance for parents to ask any questions that they may have

Give your children a healthy start in life with dental services from Dr. Cheryl Handley, your family dentist in Victoria, BC. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.

A Caring Family Dentist

Dr. Handley is so caring. I feel she and her staff care about me and not just my teeth. I am glad my family and I found her to be our Dentist :) User Feb 20, 2015


Removable and Convenient Orthodontics

Clearline is a clear aligner system designed as an alternative to conventional braces.

Keep Your Smile Bright

Regularly scheduled cleanings are an effective way to fight tooth decay and gum disease.

Family-Friendly Dentist in Victoria

Dr. Cheryl Handley provides general and cosmetic dentistry for the whole family.

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