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Clearline by Protec – Clear Removable Aligner Treatment in Victoria

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Are you self-conscious about crooked or

misaligned teeth that are making your smile

sink? Dr. Cheryl Handley’s dental office in

Victoria has a solution for you without the

need for traditional braces. Clearline is an

orthodontic treatment system designed to

move and correct crooked and misaligned

teeth. A series of invisible clear aligner trays

are worn 22 hours per day to gradually

improve your smile and bite. Most of the time it is impossible to see that you have aligners in your mouth, and you take them out to eat! For more information visit Protec Dental.

How Does It Work?

Your dentist will design a customized treatment plan for you and send it to the lab for manufacturing. Impressions of your mouth are digitized and 3D models of your treatment sequence are created. A series of removable clear plastic aligner trays are custom-made and fit to your teeth to slowly straighten your teeth and improve your smile. 

Consultation – Talk to your dentist about Clearline and if treatment is right for you. Most patients can benefit from clear aligner orthodontics, but some cases still require traditional braces.

Records – Impressions, x-rays, and photographs will be taken of your teeth and act as the foundation of your treatment plan and orthodontic appliances. 

Manufacturing – Your case will be sent to the lab for manufacturing. A series of treatment models is produced with 3D printers and corresponding clear plastic aligner trays are hand-crafted for just you. 

Treatment – Each stage of treatment consists of up to 6 aligners to be used for a period of 2 weeks each (each tray is numbered in order and marked with a U for upper and a L for lower teeth). There may be as many as 4 stages of treatment (each stage is colour-coded). Treatment time can take 6-18 months.


Benefits and Advantages

Clearline aligners are comfortable, have little effect on speech, and are nearly invisible. They are easily removed for eating and cleaning and you can still eat your favourite foods! You can smile as normal or even remove your aligners for special occasion. Benefits include:

Virtually invisible and transparent
Removable for social situations
Minimal effect on speech
Smooth and comfortable
Brush and floss as normal

Contact us today to get started with your better smile. To keep this information for your records, download our convenient Clearline PDF.

Very Skilled Dentist

As someone who has worked in the dental field for 14 yrs, I can tell you that Dr. Handley is a very skilled dentist, who is not seeing $ signs in her eyes when she looks in your mouth. She is the only dentist who told me I didn't need the work that 3 others did (cosmetic) and could do the same thing for a lot less money, and she did. It is hard to get in to see her, so I always book way in advance for myself and my kids, and they book up to one year so it's no problem. She IS a very busy dentist, however, but she does get the job done AND she does it well! As for the assistants doing too much of the work, it's true that she does utilize her assistants, but they are very well trained in what they do and each of them work in their area of "specialty", and individually probably do a better job in their areas than she even could since they do them all the time, everyday and have been trained in those precise areas. This is a beautiful, well run practice...highly recommended! User Sept 23, 2008


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